Welcome to Asterion's Shine staffordshire bull terrier kennel's website!


I'm Szabina Kaiser, owner of the Asterion's Shine kennel. I'm bronze level master breeder, and cynologist.   

We are a small kennel in Hungary. For us the most important to bred quality, healthy dogs. Dogs from us live all over the world.       


I love dogs from since I was child, but me and my family owned just mix dogs. My dream was a purebred dog, to go with it to dogshows. My dream came true in 2017, I bought my first staffy, Vám-Rott Iron Aces "Iron". He left me early because of an accident. My first staffy girl, Courtesy Title Mary Jane "Luna" arrived to me in 2019, I will be always grateful to her breeder, that he let me be the owner of this black beauty. She was my shadow, my perfect dog. Luna has given me 2 fantastic litters, with some champions, and started me on the path of breeding.