Welcome to Asterion’s Shine Staffordshire Bull Terrier Kennels website!


My name is Szabina Kaiser. Me and my family are living in Hungary, in a little town near Budapest.  I finished my studies in Szent István University in 2016 as a Cynologist.

My kennel was founded in 2010 (FCI 872/2010). The kennel name comes from one of the dog of a constellation Canes Venatici, "Asterion". 

I have loved animals especially dogs all my life, and have grown up with them throughout my childhood. Our family had a lot of mixed dogs, but I always wanted a purebred dog. I wanted to go to shows with it, so as soon as I could, I bought my first real purebred dog. I have a lot of favorite breeds, and because then I was living in a little flat house in Budapest, I chosed the staffordshire bull terrier breed, because of the size and it was one of the best decisions in my life. 

My first staffordshire bull terrier was born in 2007 in a hungarian kennel. He’s name was Vám-Rott Iron Aces „Iron”, a beautiful little white boy with black pied on his head. He was not even a show quaiulty dog, only a pet, but he showed me what a beautiful and special breed is the staffordshire bull terrier. Unfortunately he lived only 2 short years with us...

My first staffy girl was born in 2009, at the hungarian Courtesy Title kennel,she is Courtesy Title Mary Jane „Luna”. She is a perfect black brindle girl with super character and beautiful pedigree. She has gave me two beautiful litters. Thank you so much Béla Sárkány (Courtesy Title kennel) for this perfect girl. 

I hope  you like my website and my staffy team. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Best regards,