Name of bitch Kennel D.O.B. Male Female
1. Ch. Courtesy Title Miss Moonshine Sang Real Staff SBT (Hu) 08.03.2014 2 1
2. Ch. Courtesy Title Black Mamba Courtesy Title (Hu) 08.06.2012 - 1
3. Ch. Asterion's Shine Lily Luna Asterion's Shine & Courtesy Title (Hu) 17.11.2014 6 2
4. JCh. True Love Impossant Bohemia Impossant Bohemia (Cz) 07.07.2015 3 4
5. Sang Real Staff Sbt Blue Lake's Alice Blue Lake Bandit's (Hu) 04.12.2016 4 4

1. litter

Dam: JEuW, Ch. Courtesy Title Miss Moonshine

D.O.B.: 08.03.2014

Kennel: Sang Real Staff SBT Kennel

2 boys & 1 girl were born:

Sang Real Staff SBT Prince Harold

Sang Real Staff Prince Hedwig

Sang Real Staff Princess Haycint



2. litter

Dam: WW'09, Ch. Courtesy Title Black Mamba

D.O.B.: 07.06.2014

Kennel: Courtesy Title

1 girl was born: 

Courtesy Title Dragon Lady



3. litter

Dam: Ch. Asterion's Shine Lily Luna

D.O.B.: 17.11.2014

Kennel: Asterion's Shina and Courtesy Title

6 boys and 2 girl were born:

Asterion's Shine Black Velvet

Asterion's Shine Yamazaki

Asterion's Shine Ballantines

Asterion's Shine Black Label

Asterion's Shine Jack Deniels

Asterion's Shine Chivas Regal

Asterion's Shine Jameson

Asterion's Shine Jim Beam



4. litter

Dam: JCh. True Love Impossant Bohemia

D.O.B.: 07.07.2015

Kennel: Impossant Bohemia (Cz)

3 boys and 4 girls were born

Man Jack Impossant Bohemia

Mark One Impossant Bohemia

Mumbo Jumbo Impossant Bohemia

Mincing Lady Impossant Bohemia

Moonbeam Impossant Bohemia

Morning Star Impossant Bohemia

Moon Daisy Impossant Bohemia







5. litter

Dam: Sang Real Staff Sbt Blue Lake's Alice

Kennel: Blue Lake Bandit's (Hu)

4 boys and 4 girls were born