Name of bitch Kennel D.O.B Male Female
Ch. Courtesy Title Black Mamba Courtesy Title (H) 23.07.2013 2 -

Ch. Pepita Wizard Bull

Macy Gray (Cz) 12.03.2015 1 1
3. Ch. Devils and Fairies Jewel Grinning Devils (H) 27.08.2016 2 3
4. JCh. Asterion's Shine Black Velvet Asterion's Shine (H) 23.12.2016 6 1


1. litter

Dam: Ch. Courtesy Title Black Mamba

D.O.B.: 23.07.2013

Kennel: Courtesy Title (H)

2 boys were born:

Courtesy Title Legacy

Courtesy Title Black Dragon


2. litter

Dam: Ch. Pepita Wizzard Bull

D.O.B.: 12.03.2015

Kennel: Macy Gray (Cz)

1 girl and 1 boy were born: 

Respect Me Macy Gray
Rosemary Poppet Macy Gray

3. litter

Dam: Ch. Devils and Fairies Jewel

D.O.B.: 27.08.2016

Kennel: Grinning Devils (H)

3 boys and 3 girls were born

Grinning Devils Florida Sunshine

Grinning Devils Maidens Prayer

Grinning Devils Domidar Go Ballistic

Grinning Devils Kamikaze

Grinning Devils Icebreaker

4. litter

Dam: JCh. Asterion's Shine Black Velvet

D.O.B.: 23.12.2016

Kennel: Asterion's Shine (H)

6 boys and 1 girls were born

Asterion's Shine Rudolph

Asterion's Shine Dancer

Asterion's Shine Prancer

Asterion's Shine Comet

Asterion's Shine Donder

Asterion's Shine Blitzen

Asterion's Shine VIxen